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Air Conditioning : What It Is And What It Should Do For You Both domestic and commercial air conditioning units are designed  to give you a comfortable environment in which to relax or work. To  achive this in a warm climate, it is necessary to reduce the  temperature and humidity in the air, thus reducing the surface  temperature of the material around you (usually 6c below ambient  temperature). The majority of air conditioning units manufactured since 2000  have the ability to heat as well as cool.   All our units Heat & Cool as  standard!   In a changeable climate these units allow you to  condition the air in your environment whatever the climate. As the industry has changed to meet the growing campaign for  more efficient equipment, more output duty and less consumption  of power, the DC Inverter range has been developed to cut overall  running costs by up to 50%.  Within 2 to  3 years this will be the  norm when fitting Air conditioning.  In order to achieve the best result possible, good, reliable and  modern equipment is essential.   Having the installation carried out  by fully qualified engineers who understand how the equipment  functions and the most effective way to install it will also achieve  the best possible result.   
How Air Conditioning Works.. source : www.howstuffworks.com Please note: This video is only to show how A/C works. Modern day outdoor units are considerably smaller.  
                                    WE PROVIDE MULTIPLE INTERIOR UNITS CONNECTED TO A SINGLE EXTERIOR UNIT                      examples   2 x 1  -  3 x 1  -  4 x 1 -  5 x 1  systems